LPDAM Membership

The business of Private Detectives and Private Investigation is a profession regulated by Massachusetts state law. Anyone who practices as a Private Detective, Bodyguard, Polygraph Examiner, Accident Reconstructionist, Insurance Investigator, Arson Investigator or otherwise holds themselves or a company out for hire in an investigative capacity in Massachusetts must be properly licensed, or the W-2 Employee of a properly licensed company, under Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 147, Sections 22-30.

Types of LPDAM Membership

Regular Membership

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP in LPDAM is restricted to individuals licensed in the Commonwealth by the Massachusetts State Police.

Annual Fee: The fee for Regular, Resource and Corporate memberships is $125.00, due annually by April 1. All new applications are subject to a one time, $25.00 administrative application fee.

Apply for Regular Membership

Associate Membership

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is available to sponsored W-2 employees of existing members. In addition, Associate Membership is available to out of state Licensed Private Detectives and their employees as well as companies and individuals who provide specialized services to LPDAM in accordance with our Bylaws.

Annual Fee: The fee for Associate membership is $65.00 plus $25.00 for processing (first year only).

Apply for Associate Membership

If you are mailing your application, a check must accompany the copy of the current PI license, which should be marked “C-O-P-Y” or “V-O-I-D” and mailed to:
200 F Main Street
Stoneham, MA 01880

Please click on the link below to print the New Member Application:
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