LPDAM is a member supported, non-profit organization.  We rely on membership dues, corporate sponsors, advertising opportunities, fundraising events and donations to keep our organization moving forward.  Legislative representation, promoting professionalism, continuing education and peer networking events are all made possible through our annual operating budget.  Many events such as educational luncheons are 'break-even' (no additional revenue generated) events that are solely for member benefit.  

All Officers and the Board of Directors of the LPDAM are all unpaid, Licensed Private Detectives that serve the organization, through an annual election by their peers.

There are many ways that Private Detectives, corporations that service the Private Detective industry, Attorneys and other clients can make a difference in our ongoing efforts to positively promote our profession.  In the coming months, we will explain some of the ways you can help and get involved.  Not all contributions are financial.  We are always looking for motivated, guest speakers to donate their time and provide insight on their specific expertise at our educational luncheons and seminars.

We look forward to working with all of you in any capacity and keeping Massachusetts' only Private Detective Association representing us for many years to come.