Case Files from the LPDAM: 3.28.2021 Victims

Sean, today’s media outlets often focus on the acts of a perpetrator or the perpetrator themselves; we
rarely hear about a victim and the impact they suffer. I ask because I have heard you often talk about
victims many times and that victimization can be curved by proactive measures.

I love the questions you ask. It really makes us all think beyond the surface of an issue. You’re
right, media outlets focus on what sells. The wrong doer is more marketable than the victim. It is
unfortunate, but true. You may be surprised by that at LPDAM, the vast majority of our member clients
are victims; not perpetrators. Our clients typically have been conned by another through some form of
breach of contractual issues or believed someone’s representations that fall short of their claims. When
someone has been wronged, you can locate the right private investigator for you at being victimized can be so demoralizing that it must be hard for them to stand up for themselves.

Joe, being a victim can really be blow to one’s confidence. Most victims fall prey because they want to
believe in the other party. It is this trust that a perpetrator often exposes. LPDAM members surveyed
on this issue report that their clients often want to expose the truth for closure as much as holding the
perpetrator accountable for his or her actions. It is hard being a victim and even harder when you feel
duped. With that said Joe, the first step to standing up to a wrongdoer is retaining a LPDAM member
business. We are in the business of exposing a wrongdoing based on factual data. The results of our
investigation are so powerful, they’ll stand up in court.

It must be so hard to come to terms that you have been a victim to a particular situation.

Joe, there is a grieving process to being a victimized that includes anger; disappointment; and
embarrassment; and only closer to the end of this process do we find the person wanting to uncover the
truth. It is the truth that helps rebuild their reputation, their confidence in driving through life; and their
ability to learn from the traumatic situation. LPDAM is here to help. We love helping people who have
been wronged. We get the facts. Its what we do! Remember, you’re in good hands with LPDAM.

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