Case Files from the LPDAM: 3.07.21 LPDAM First Women PI Kate Warne

Now that we are in March and the weather is starting to work in our favor with the pandemic, we can focus more of our energy on traditions like, celebrating women in history. March is Woman history month and woman in America have played a major role in our success as a country.

Joe, on a personal note; the winter provides the most cost-effective ice in the yard for hockey, so I hate to see it go! With that said, Women in history is such a great topic; From Martha Washington to Katherine Johnson at NASA to poet Amanda Gorman, there are contributors to our societies past and present. At LPDAM, we are a bit more focused on Kate Warne, the first female private investigator. She worked for Pinkerton Detective Agency in 1861. She was part of an investigative team that uncovered an assignation plot against President Elect Abraham Lincoln. She was investigating secessionist activity to damage the railroad in Maryland, when she became aware of the assassination plans. It was called “the Baltimore Plot.” President elect Abraham Lincoln traveled by train and the secessionist had plotted to damage the tracks between Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC. This would force Lincoln to leave the train and take a carriage ride to the other side of the damaged tracks. The assassination
was to take place what is now known as Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles when Lincoln was on the carriage ride.

Joe, Image if Lincoln was never sworn in; what a different society we may be experiencing today! Kate Warne was a true patriot and an exceptional private detective. This is just one of her many successes as a PI.

Wow, the Historical implications are almost unimaginable. Lincoln, the civil war, and even our political discussions today could be so different if she had not uncovered the assassination plot prior to Lincoln
taking his presidency.

Joe, it is people like Kate Warne who helped build our great country. We were full of flaws in 1861 just as we are today. Most Americans are good people, but there always seem to be a few that can put the rest of us at risk. At, we recognize the world is not perfect and the need for our role in uncovering the truth when someone has been wronged. We have designed our website to help the consumer find a qualified private investigator authorized to do work in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, Kate Warne is on our website, but we have many qualified women owned business members who are producers. All LPDAM members have been vetted by the Massachusetts State Police and have met the high standards expected by LPDAM members. We love what do! Remember, you’re in good hands with LPDAM.

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