Case Files from the LPDAM: 2.28.21 LPDAM Accident Reconstructionist

It is sad news to hear of Tiger Wood’s motor vehicle accident. He sustained a significant leg injury that may affect his ability to perform at a high level expected of today’s athletes. Tiger has been known for his grit and work ethic to succeed at Golf’s
highest levels. He has been a joy to watch and I wish him the best in his recovery.
As with most serious car crashes, there will be an investigation into how it occurred. Tigers accident will be no exception. The police will recreate the accident through the evidence found on scene and a series of mathematical equations.

We do know there were no Sid-marks; which usually demonstrates the driver’s knowledge of the impending accident. It is possibly Tiger was distracted or dosed off.
One of the first things an accident reconstructionist will do is confirm the breaks were working and there was no foul play involving them. A professional investigator will also look at other variables, such as Tigers phone to see if he was texting; remember he was
late for his tee time. They will also look at any medications Tiger may be prescribed.

Remember, he has had several surgeries and much of these medications warn that it
could impair your ability to drive a vehicle. A common cause to single car accidents
often involve speed, especially when it occurs in good weather conditions. At, we know how to do an accident reconstruction and can do it independently of law enforcement. A professional LPDAM member does his or her work so it will stand
up in court. This is extremely important if criminal charges result from the accident.

fortunately no one else was injured. I know I been late a time or two and have just been lucky that nothing happened. The most intriguing piece of this accident in my opinion, is why doesn’t he have a driver. It just seems to make sense & it would
be a tax deduction for him and his brand. I say this all the time when I hear of a professional athlete getting into a car accident. They need to protect themselves better.

The NFL offers a program, but many players do not take advantage of it. At LPDAM,
some of our member offer executive protection drivers and it is a viable way for an
executive, professional athlete, or Hollywood star to be on time safely.

At, our members are up to date on today’s activities! Remember, your in good hands with LPDAM!

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