Case Files from the LPDAM: 2.21.21 LPDAM Legislation

Legislation is the foundation of our licensing in Massachusetts. Under Massachusetts General Laws chapter 147, sections 22 through 30 lay out legislatively our licensing, qualifications, and that the
Massachusetts State Police will issue our licenses.

This is much different than many other licensed professions where they are licensed through the Secretary of State’s office. One reason that the
legislatures wanted the State police rather than a more traditional bureaucracy has to do with the
confidentiality imposed on our work product. It makes sense and we are held to a much higher standard than more traditional licensure.
Now getting back to your question

The nature of our business and the sensitivity with our work
product allows us access to much information across a wide spectrum of service industries. With that said, we need to be aware of current laws as they evolve, and we also introduce legislation that will
assist us in providing our clients cost effective services.

We recently introduced a proposed legislation to get better RMV access. The RMV updated its system and is more automotive now and it makes sense for licensed private investigators to have access in locating individuals and assisting clients with RMV
issues that cross over with other cases, such as appeals.

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